TBT - The night the lights went off...and then back on.

Subtitle: Erin's Favorite Festival Moment

Today's Throwback Thursday takes us back to our "Bold Bach at Bold Rock" concert. On a beautiful Friday night, we filled the stunning Bold Rock Cidery with chairs, people, pie, and music. Academy students and Festival artists performed the music of Bach to a maximum capacity crowd. Everything went smoothly, until between the coffee pots and the added spotlights, we blew a fuse, and the lights went out. Of course, it was right in the middle of a tricky piece for voice, oboe, harpsichord, and cello, with notes and German words in very small print. Despite the challenge, David Rezits, Peter Marshall, Bill Parrish, and I made it through the joyous piece with some success.  (The show must go on, right!?)  

Our reward at the end? Well, the lights came back on! Approval from Bach, or just a happy coincidence?

Miraculously, John Taylor took a picture at that exact instant. Thank you, John, for capturing my favorite moment of the Festival!  - Erin