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Singer-Songwriter Susan Greenbaum Travels Back to 1975–Wild Wednesday II

Perhaps you never want to see those bell bottoms, leisure suits, and sideburns again, but you can't deny that the music of the 1970s is worthy of reliving. And besides, our beloved Wintergreen was founded in 1975, so a few flower-power vests might be forgiven. Join Virginia favorite singer-songwriter Susan Greenbaum as she blends her naturally beautiful voice with the music of James Taylor, the Carpenters, Joe Cocker and Elton John — just to name a few. She'll also share some of her own songs with us, including her tribute to the Commonwealth,  "Virginia, The Home of My Heart."  

This concert is sponsored by Wintergreen Real Estate

This concert is sponsored by Wintergreen Real Estate

Dunlop Pavilion (map)

$30 Adults
$10 Youth
Children 10 and under free with adult

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