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Mix, Mingle & Music VI: What Makes a Composer? Bach, Purcell, and Lyons

Tuesdays and Thursdays. Come at 6:00 pm to “Mix and Mingle” at our cash bar,, and then join us at 6:30 pm for an hour of powerful and meaningful music!

What Makes a Composer? Bach, Purcell, and Lyons

A journey from Irish and Nicaraguan folk music through Bach and Purcell, to the unique vocal stylings of Gilda Lyons. Featuring sopranos Erin Freeman and Lyons herself.

This eclectic program is filled with wonder and inspiration!

  • Traditional, arr. Lyons: Red is the Rose
  • Bach, JS, arr. Lyons: Cello Suite No. 4 - Prelude
  • Lyons: Between Dog and Wolf for Solo Violin
  • Lyons: Bone Needles
  • Purcell, arr. Lyons: Dido's Lament
  • Lyons: O Death, Rock Me Asleep
  • Donato: Media Luz
  • Donato, arr. Lyons: Media Luz
  • Traditional, arr. Lyons: Madre Oyeme
  • Lyons: Piano Trio