Wintergreen Music’s Annual Movie Night 2019

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For the last five years, Artistic Director, Erin Freeman, and Co-Chair of Composition, Daron Hagen, have teamed up to create a unique musical and cinematic evening, pairing a classical silent movie with a world-premiere score. The first collaboration resulted in a new score to Charlie Chaplin’s The Tramp. Subsequent projects have included A Dog’s Life and City Lights. In 2019, the duo decided it was high time for a fright night, and thus The Passion of Jekyll & Hyde came to life. In a twist of happy fate, the documentarian Paul Moon was in the area on the night of the performance and offered to create a documentary of this epic evening so that we could share it long after the performance tent came down. Many thanks to Paul, Daron, the musicians, and the crew for this incredible evening. Now, make yourself some popcorn, and enjoy!


Preview a three-minute excerpt of this cinematic presentation of music composed by Daron Hagen, in combination with the original 1920 public domain film Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde, and concert footage filmed and edited by H. Paul Moon of the live performance by the “Tramp Orchestra” conducted by Wintergreen Music Artistic Director, Erin Freeman at the world premiere on July 12, 2019 as part of the Wintergreen Music Festival. View the feature-length video here or see below.

Musicians: Gerald Greer, violin; Alison Hall, violin; Ann Marie Brink, viola; Wesley Baldwin, cello; Dee Moses, bass; Julee Hickcox, flute & piccolo; Bill Parrish, oboe & english horn; Charles Messersmith, clarinet; Martin Gordon, bassoon; Peter Marshall, piano; Matt Bassett, percussion. Crew: MK Stewart, production manager; Drew Cahoon, technical advisor; Brian Donovan, technology leader; Joshua Thornton, production leader; Kai-Song Chan, production fellow.


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