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Wintergreen Music Academy 2019


Apply for the 2019 Wintergreen Music Academy


TO APPLY, click GetAcceptd.Com/Wintergreen. This will take you to our landing page on the Acceptd website, which is a secure site and will never sell or publicize your personal information.

Application Deadlines

  • February 1, 2019 – Early Bird Deadline: $45 application fee on or before this date; $65 on February 2 and after.

  • February 1 - 28, 2019 – Rolling acceptances for most programs

  • March 1, 2019 – Application deadline. Applications submitted after this date will be reviewed as positions are available.

  • March 15, 2019 – Admission and scholarship decisions sent


Applicants for all programs except Arts Administration will be required to upload recordings via  See each individual program for details.


More than 75% of our students receive scholarships.

We offer three kind of scholarships:

  1. Scholarship based on financial need

  2. Scholarship based on merit

  3. Work study (for full-session String Chamber Music only)

In addition to our general scholarship fund, we have a wide variety of named and targeted scholarships, including:

  • The Edward J. Solomon Veterans Scholarship, for children of U.S. Military active duty or veterans

  • The Horizon Scholarship for black and Latino musicians

  • The Wally Easter Scholarship for a French horn player

  • The Larry Alan Smith Scholarship, for a composition student

  • The WSMA Scholar program, which covers all of our Academy divisions

  • More scholarships listed soon!


Application Fees: $45 on or before February 1, 2019. $65 February 2, 2019 and after.

Tuition: Tuition varies depending on the program.  Scholarships of varying amounts are available.

  • String Chamber Music: $2150 for the full program

  • String Chamber Music: $1075 for the two-week sessions

  • Wind Chamber Music: $1075 for the two-week session

  • Conductors' Summit: $1600

  • Vocal Intensive: $1300

  • Composers' Retreat: $1100

  • Fellowship Pianist: $0 (Fellows receive a travel stipend)

  • Fellowship Quartet Program: $0. (Fellows receive a travel stipend)

  • Arts Administration Fellowship: $0 (Fellows receive a travel stipend)

Room and Board: Room and Board for Academy Students is $480 per week:

  • String Chamber Music (four-week program): $1920

  • String Chamber Music (two-week programs): $960

  • Wind Chamber Music (two-week program): $960

  • Conductors' Summit (one-week program): $480

  • Vocal Intensive (two-week program): $960

  • Composers' Retreat (two-week program): $960

  • Fellowship Pianist: $0

  • Fellowship Quartet Program: $0

  • Arts Administration Fellowship: $0